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StreaK e-mailed and informed that he has released a new front-end for Playstation emulators called ProSX, here's how he described it:

A little handy frontend for epsxe / pSX emu or other psx emulator optimized for speed and functionality. The main goal for me as developer was 'to speed up running any image based game on psx emu' and i must tu say it was succeded on 100%. If you using a ProSX, you'll only need to click any IMAGE *.BIN or *.IMG / CDZ / MDF file in windows explorer to start a game. Nothing more needed except, small config for first time. BTW. This ver is only for TEST purposes, so if you fing bugs or somethin, please infom me about it by email

:: ProSX Official Site
:: ProSX 0.2a test