Category: Arcade

.fixed: Hints were not showing... anywhere (buttons, edit boxes, checkboxes, etc)

.fixed: Rename / delete images not working due to changes in the core

.fixed: Entry "ctrlr" in "mame.ini" was being deleted if using empty value

.fixed: Audio and video recording not working if destination folder does not exists. The folders are automatically created now

.fixed: String "File Not Found" was not being added in the "Notes" column when auditing CHD files

.fixed: Some bugs and missing cases on the audit ROMs feature

.changed: Moved favorites to the top of the games filters list (\ini_files\mame_filters.ini) for easier access when switching between filters

.changed: Moved the following settings from preferences screen to "Games List" main menu:
- "Incremental Search"
- "Fill All Clone Entries"
- "Multiple Games Selection", and renamed it to "Enable Multiple Selection"

.changed: Moved "Filter Games by Main CPU" settings from "View" to "Games List" main menu

.changed: New "About..." screen, with new background image

.optimized: Detailed messages for .zip handling errors

.optimized: Added warning/information messages on a bunch of features, to make your life easier :)

.added: New arcade filter: "Konami System 576"

.added: In MAME settings screen:
- Filename with full path of the file being edited, just below the top bar
- Emulator version info label at the bottom of the MAME settings screen

.added: Three new settings for multiple format in images filenames. Now all formats can be used
simultaneously. Settings can be found in main menu "Images":

- EL Format (fullgamename0000.png) ... enabled by default
enable this so EL can display images like "snaps\galaga0004.png" (full game name + 4 digits)

- New Format (\gamename\0000.png) ... enabled by default
enable this so EL can display images like "snaps\galaga\0004.png"

- Old Format (shortname0000.png) ... disabled by default enable this so EL can display images in old MAME style "snaps\gala0004.png" (short name + 4 digits)

Note: This new feature applies to all systems, not just MAME

.added: Convert new MAME images format (/gamename/0000.png) to Emu Loader's own format (fullgamename0000.png), located in "Images" main menu
Only unzipped images are supported on this feature

.added: Updates for latest MAME build (MAME settings screen)

.added: New feature: "All Selected Games Files" (games popup menu, "Delete" sub-menu)
If multi-selection is enabled, you can delete more than one file at once

After selecting this option, a window will open, with the list of all games to be deleted. You can edit that list the way you see fit. For merged clones, the game filename with full path appears in red color.
WARNING: Recycle bin is not supported

.added: New feature: "All Game Files For This Favorites Profile" (games popup menu, "Delete" sub-menu)
Same as delete multiple selected games, but with three differences:

1. You must be in favorites mode
2. Only games that are visible on the list will be added, meaning, the list will be affected by the current games filters settings
3. No need to select multiple games, as they will all be added to the list automatically

Note: Option only available when in favorites mode

.added: New main menu option: "Games List", this menu will hold settings for the games list itself

.removed: Setting "New Image Name Format"... not needed anymore

.removed: Feature "Display Total Images"
This was responsable to display the "01 of ??" label in the images tool bar, to know the amount of images you have for that image type / game
Removed because now EL can display three image formats at the same time... also, I can't think of any reason anyone would use this just to know now many more images you can view for a specific game when you can simply click on the "Next Image" button

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:: Emu Loader 4.9.7