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    Make your own mario outfit!

    i made this thread to see what different outfits people could make on mario64 heres mine: ZOMBIE MARIO!

    if you don't know the code to make your own use this!

    X=gradient x=plain
    R/r=Red B/b=Blue G/g=Green


    8107EC40 RRGG
    8107EC42 BB00
    8107EC38 rrgg
    8107EC3A bb00


    8107EC20 rrgg
    8107EC22 bb00
    8107EC28 RRGG
    8107EC2A BB00


    8107EC50 rrgg
    8107EC52 bb00
    8107EC58 RRGG
    8107EC5A BB00


    8107EC70 RRGG
    8107EC72 BB00
    8107EC68 rrgg
    8107EC6A bb00

    Mario's skin:

    8107EC80 rrgg
    8107EC82 bb00
    8107EC88 RRGG
    8107EC8A BB00

    Mario's Hair

    8107ECA0 RRGG
    8107ECA2 BB00
    8107EC98 rrgg
    8107EC9A bb00

    credit to Shiryu
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