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    Demul runs a tad slow

    demul is a great emulator minus the sound, but it does't run quite as fast as chankast does on my system.....even with CPU Mode being DynaRec....I've only tested with Crazy Taxi 2 and Soul Calibur as I am in the process of downloading more games, Sonic Adventure being one of them.....I hope there is a speedup in the next release and sound fix, and this emulator would be just as good if not better than Chankast....keep up the good work guys....

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    Post PC specs.

    Just a note: Don't expect normal playability from pirates games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKKDARK View Post
    Just a note: Don't expect normal playability from pirates games.
    What exactly does that mean? As long as the CD image has been properly ripped, any errors in emulation are the emulator's fault. As morally questionable it might be, it doesn't matter whether you downloaded an illegal CD image from the net somewhere or ripped the game from the original disc (should you have the know-how have have the tools) if the CD image you have in the end is bad.

    Also, Demul is slower than Chankast.

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