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    Algorithm sources go here
    pycrc - great utility with good links
    wikipedia - quite good more importantly it has standard CRC polynomials which are VERY difficult to select.

    Reverse CRC calculation
    Reverse-Engineering a CRC Algorithm
    Progress (n.):
    The process through which the Internet has evolved from smart people in front of dumb terminals to dumb people in front of smart terminals.
    Recursive (adj):
    see Recursive

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    I would more like to find a textbook on Python and C ++, the recent projects and assignments that I've finished and the experience I gathered from experts in programming definitely great, but I need more at all.

    As I understand right, people often ask you to give links to useful websites, necessary information on programming, necessary programs, etc. Being at the very beginning of my knowledge, I myself went through this literally a half ago, having zero knowledge and I know how difficult it was to give myself an initial kick,

    to understand something from the avalanche of information on the tutorials that search engines give out, when a lot of incomprehensible information drop on you..

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