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A new version of the Gameboy Advance emulator No$gba has been released. Here is the list of changes for version 2.3a

 nds/help: nds-bitmaps can be wrapped (that unlike gba-bitmaps) (thanks remi)
 nds/video: emulates optional wrap-around (area overflow) for nds bitmap-modes
 nds/video: emulates read-only 2d-engine-b ports as read-only (thanks remi)
 nds/3d: texture transformation mode 1 supports negative m[8,9,12,13] values
 nds/3d/boxtest: fast onscreen pre_check on any of all 8 coordinates of box
 nds/3d/boxtest: fast offscreen pre_check on all 8 coordinates of whole-box
 nds/3d/boxtest: fast offscreen pre_check on all 4 coordinates of box-face
 video/speedup: faster bg drawing when special effects disabled (blend/bright)
 reg/home: moved all users to usa, avoids paypal-german-language-service (remi)
 reg/full: new parity and decrypt.jpg encryption by headless marching soldiers
 reg/full: discontinued free nds-updates for older (than 12 months) gba-users
 reg/full: registration tool auto-generates invoices for commercial users
 reg/home: new file-ext .key (some servers now declare .bin as potential virus)
 sync: forces machine_switch on retrace, forces to be 1st machine after retrace
 gui/f1_key: HELP_FORCEFILE instead HELP_CONTENTS (preserves current chapter)
 webpage: added donate buttons on gba,msx,cpc,nes,2k6,zx8,c64 freeware pages
 email: new email address - please do NOT put it online - due to spam problems
 nds/3d: bug-fixed GX "nop" command (to have 0 parameters, instead 1 parameter)
 emu/help: described + emulated gba/nds7 dummy cp14-icebreaker (prefetch data)
 nds/cpu: emulates cp15 ctrl bit15 (pre-v5 ldr/ldm/pop pc.bit0=thumb disabled)
 cpu: emulates/ignores misaligned r15 in LDM [Rb],r15 (with optional warning)
 nds/help: added some basic specs on DS Memory Timings (in DS Various chapter)
 nds/3d: bugfixed texture transform (imul_op=64bit, instead imul_eax,op=32bit)
 cpu: emulates empty rlist (load/store r15 on ARMv4, Rb=Rb+/-40h on ARMv4/v5)
 cpu: emulates writeback-base-included-in-rlist (for all stm/ldm/v4/v5/tmb/arm)
 cpu/help: added info on invalid rlist's for ARMv4/v5 THUMB/ARM LDM/STM opcodes
 cpu: bugfixed arm9 q(d)add/sub (xor 7fffffffh instead 7ffffffh, one more f)
 nds/sound: emulates sound output speaker routing and speaker stereo panning
 nds/sound: emulates sound-hold (freezes output until hold=0 or next re-start)
 nds/sound: optionally mono output, optionally disabled, on machine 1 only
 nds/sound: allows "dumb loops" when reading non-irq-timed sound status regs
 nds/sound/help: described hold flag (can't hold on restart, apparently bugged)
 nds/sound/help: described the two different ch(a)+ch(b) addition outputs
 nds/sound/help: described capture errors (both negative and overflow bugs)
 nds/sound: emulates minmax clipping, fully emulates all sound capture errors
 gba/sound: fixed small ch4 glitch (occured when only one stereo side was on)
 gba/sound: bugfix: recurses channel 3 wave ram bank number/bank size changes
 gba/sound: emulates minmax clipping, corrected channel-volume vs bias-volume
 gba/nds/sound/help: rev-engineered Max Output Levels (psg/pcmfifo/bias/clip)
 nds/sound: emulates capture (routing, adding, mixing, rounding, clipping, etc)
 nds/sound: emulates sound loop+length and high accuracy frequency timings
 nds/gba-slot/bugfix: memadr_sram (instead nnn=0Eh) (thanks Chow Kim Foong)
 nds/sound/help: corrected sample frequency, explained length/loop registers
 nds/sound: emulates channel volume, channel volume shift, master volume, bias
 nds/sound: emulates pcm8, pcm16, adpcm, psg wave/duty, psg noise formats
 nds/sound: emulates all write-only sound ports as such (reads as 00000000h)
 nds/sound/no$fmw/emu: initializes bias=200h (as done by original firmware)
 nds/sound: nds_sb_generate_sample invoked by NDS7 (not NDS9) as sound master
 nds/bugfix: fixed arm9 halfmul opcodes (accidently exchanged opcode lsbs/msbs)
 debug/disass: fixed smulxy opcode (showed up as "smmuxy" instead of "smulxy")
 nds/sound/help: described SOUNDCNT bits 8-11 (final audio output selection)

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