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    bsnes 0.018 Released

    Category: SNES

    I began working on bsnes on October 14th, 2004. I am releasing bsnes v0.018 today to celebrate bsnes' two year anniversary. Please note that this release incurs a ~15% speed reduction since v0.017, due to IRQ and S-SMP timing improvements.

    • Fixed many critical errors in IRQ timing, should be *very* close to real hardware now
    • Corrected major CPU timing bug involving CPU I/O condition 4
    • Corrected bug with generic HiROM / LoROM memory maps
    • Corrected bug involving HDMA indirect channel termination [anomie]
    • OAM address reset now occurs when screen display is enabled, per recent research
    • Readded full DMA, HDMA and HDMA init bus sync timing
    • Added preliminary emulation of S-SMP $00f0 TEST register (6 of 8 bits are supported)
    • Readded emulation of known timing differences between CPU revisions 1 and 2
    • Config file can now control scanline-based PPU render position. This will only be needed until a proper dot-based PPU renderer is added
    • Removed core debugging hooks so that debugging console can remain in public releases, it now functions as a tracer and memory editor
    • Config file paths once again work correctly even if missing trailing backslash
    • Video configuration simplified, sorry in advance to those who enjoyed the profile mode used before
    • Added new configuration screen to control some emulation settings
    • Replaced bsnes program icon with a much nicer one [FitzRoy]
    • Optimized memory speed detection algorithm
    • Preliminary UPS soft-patching support (do not use this yet!)
    • Decreased memory usage and optimized generic libraries used by bsnes (/src/lib)
    • Now caching OAM by one line, somewhat similar to a real SNES. Fixes Winter Gold, but causes line rendering error in Mega lo Mania
    • Lots more, as usual

    The following games have been fixed since v0.017 by the above bugfixes:
    • Battle Blaze (J, U)
    • Circuit USA (J)
    • F1 Grand Prix (J)
    • Funaki Masakatsu no Hybrid Wrestler - Tougi Denshou (J)
    • Jumbo Ozaki no Hole in One (J)
    • Mahjongg Taikai II (J)
    • RPG Tsukuru - Super Dante (J)
    • Robocop Versus The Terminator (U, E)
    • Sink or Swim (U, E)
    • Street Racer (J)
    • Touge Densetsu Saisoku Battle (J)
    • Winter Olympics (U, E)

    :: bsnes Official Site
    :: bsnes 0.018 | [vEX]
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    Nice, a new version

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