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    Ok, it was just to know because it seems to be a really good software and I'm looking forward to use it.

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    look here for more
    *my favourit picture^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash View Post
    Exactly. If it's not open source from start (with CVS for impatient ones and anyone who can help), then there's no point in early public WIP releases.
    sure there is, what emu would be complete without countless newbies flooding the forums with rom requests, tech support requests, and other nonsense?

    This emu looks very promising.. if they nailed down THP playback we might have a winner. Hopefully this takes the speed from gcube and combines it with the compatability of dolphin

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt2110 View Post
    When are you going to release the emulator? I can't wait.
    That's the wrong answer. Do not ask about it.

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