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    Glide64. New Perfect Dark screens

    Perfect Dark with coronas emulated. Powered by Voodoo2
    Sorry for terrible English, my native language is C++

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    very impressive, hope it works with hacks glides wrapper

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    I'm sure it does - it's been improved vastly lately.
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    nice!... I think I will try to make my V5 to work back in my PC >_<

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    I believe that Hac's wrapper will also do the job since its recent changes. No need for a Voodoo card.
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    I'm very happy everyone is starting to notice the changes [makes me want to keep working with Gonetz and Hacktarux on it] . I still beleive the wrapper has a fair bit to go ( I still got to put in my software & hardware framebuffer/texture format optimizations for NVIDIA cards in the code, and my current framebuffer fixes need to be tidied up a teensy bit. Plus, some combiners still need attention. [not to mention the tiny bug of two 1600x1200's, but that has been fixed in my newest build of the wrapper]), but its nice looking back now to how much it improved over a very short period .

    Also, its amazing that Glide64 itself has improved a lot too (with the improved depth buffer emulation, and the sky in F1 Grand Prix working, and combiners in LoZ- OoT being updated to support the Odd Mushroom), thanks to Gonetz. My guess, by the work done now, Glide64 and the associated wrapper, will keep getting better and better over time.

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