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    pSX emulator 1.9 Released

    Category: Playstation

    • Various CDROM changes to make Ape Escape work
    • Removed incorrect ADPCM autopause functionality (fixes G-Police music)
    • More accurate emulation of GPU LCF status bit (fixes G-Police hang)
    • Implemented sprite flip draw mode bits (Master system emulator)
    • Various root counter emulation improvements (fixes Rhapsody)
    • Slight timing change to fix problem where pad stops working intermittantly
    • Fixed bug where Crash Bandicoot 2 executes illegal opcodes after intro
    • Fixed WildArms XA spell effect bug (didn't stop after effect correctly)
    • Changes to CDROM emulation to make Ape Escape work
    • Reject large polygons (fixes ChronoCross Dragonia bug and SagaFrontier2)

    :: pSX emulator Official Site
    :: pSX emulator 1.9 | [vEX]
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    Yay new version

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