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    Unhappy Error Message: Attempt to open zip failed


    When I load games onto my Project 64 1.6 emulator, the screen actually turns black and pops up this message: Attempt to open zip failed. Missing or corrupt zip file - Check path and file. You may need to restart the application.

    Does anybody how I can resolve this problem?


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    It might be that you changed your ROMs locations, so you must change the ROMs location directory. Also check that your ZIP file is actually good, and check the ROMs with GoodN64
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    It could be one of two problems:
    -The zip file could be corrupt
    -You might be passing the zip file to PJ64 through the command line. (This includes double-clicking.) You should use the ROM list within PJ64, with version 1.6.
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    The GUI does not automatically update if you move a file from where it has previously been. Instead it says it can't open the zip file when you double-click it in the GUI.
    Refresh your list (F5) to make sure it can find your games.
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