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    Not work some cheats of Lylat Wars (E)

    Almost not works this cheats:

    - Infinite Energy
    - Unlimited Smart Bombs
    - Possibily some mores cheats (Infinite Armors X, etc.)

    I need patch the rom???? :

    File Name: Lylat Wars (E) (M3) [!].zip
    Rom Internal Name: STARFOX64
    CRC1: F4CBE92C
    CRC2: B392ED12
    Country: Europe (0x50)
    Alternate Title: Lylat Wars (E) [!]

    Used with 1964 version 0.9.9 with the files originals.

    Any update of cheat file or ini file, etc., for this emulator?


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    In Project64 1.6 the cheats not work too.

    Better play with rom USA version 1.0 (some cheats are ok but others not appears, but better --> infinite energy and infinity smart bombs are ok, hehehe).

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