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    Snezziboy v0.25 Released

    Category: GameBoy Advance

    This is what seems to be the last update on this wonderfull Snes emulator for the GBA hardware, Thank you Bubble2k!

    The release notes spells out all changes in detail. But in summary, this is what I've done:

    1. Fixed some DMA bugs - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest seems playable

    2. Fixed the subtraction bug - so that Zombies ate my Neighbors now work

    3. Partially fixed and restored the SNES additive transparencies capability

    4. Fixed Mode 7 wraparound. - Super Metroid intro: Samus' ship does not repeat; Secret of Mana: world map during cannon jump wraps around at the edges.

    5. Fixed bug in the emulation of some other instructions and PPU registers.

    6. Implemented partial HDMA (currently only updates BG scrolling position) - DKC3 works, FF3 backgrounds scroll correctly but text still invisible.

    7. Made slight/major optimizations to the code based on Gladius suggestion. Most games should see some slight, but notable speed increase.

    As usual, I hope I do not break any existing working games...

    EDIT: This version's mainly some bug fixes and the partial implementation of HDMA. I wouldn't consider it a major success in implementation, but rather a proof of concept. There aren't too many fixes to the garbled graphics for this version unfortunately. But I would like to move on to the DS for v0.26 to fix that issue up. Many things are much easier on the DS.
    :: SnezziBoy v0.25

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    Great news I love this emu

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