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    NDS: Megaman ZX (Rockman ZX)

    Rockman ZX

    Rockman ZX (RMZX) is the first original Megaman game to hit the DS, it is an
    old school 2d action packed platformer and a sequel to the GBA Zero series.
    This review is a non spoiler one targeted at people that may want to import
    the game since it is out only in Japan for now.

    Presentation/graphics 10

    A perfect score, RMZX has the most beautiful and detailed backgrounds,
    character sprites and animations i have ever seen on the DS.
    Even better than Castlevania, it is the best you can get for a 2d game, while
    not using the DS 3d capabilities, ZX gives it a run for itīs money on sprite techniques.
    Also to note are the gorgeous special effects, anime cutscenes and the full voiced
    ingame script.

    Music/sound effects 9

    The music set the stages tones just fine, melancholic on the raining area,
    fiercy on the burning one and so on...
    The sound effects do their job well, along with the voices on combat, they
    help you get the feeling of a powerfull war being waged upon you.
    Once again, all the dialogue is voiced and it will be dubbed again for
    the English release.

    Gameplay 10

    RMZX is a very fun game, it starts with the main character, Vent or Aile,
    merging themselves with the Biometal Model X, that is no more than the
    power and memories of Megaman X of the X and Zero series, after that you
    go finding models of Zero and the "Guardians" from Megaman Zero series.

    The thing is that each model has itīs own set of abilities and you can change
    models on the fly, that mix of different styles combined with different perils make the gameplay shine.

    You can go with model Zx and come to a platform you canīt reach, change to model Hx and
    jump-dash with it, while at the high ledge, you see an enemy below, no problem, change to
    model Fx, edit your shots trajectory and nail the pesky guy from your safe place, brilliant.

    The stages come on a Metroid-esque style, much like the later Castlevania games, you go
    from area to area, accomplishing missions and defeating the bosses, each model comes with
    a card key to unlock doors color coded with them while the innate abilities of the models
    help you reaching places that you could not do before acquiring them, the map could be more
    organical though.

    The Biometals are acquired from defeated bosses as any Megaman game, the catch is that they are
    on a specific place within the boss body, while hitting there causes more damage, it also damages the Biometal, making it more expensive to repair, yes, you will use energy cristals to repair your Biometals,
    so the question is, do you want to risk losing a battle to save E-cristals?

    DS factor 7

    It utilizes the lower screen for the Guardians Biometals, each with a distinct effect, the 3d engine is not used but one of the less utilized DS feature is very well developed here, the GBA slot.
    If you insert MMZ3 or MMZ4 you can battle 8 more bosses from those games,
    it is a nice way to take the dust out from the old GBA carts.

    Learning curve 7

    Well, it took me 5 secs to learn it but, hell i am a hardcore Megaman fan!

    For the casual gamer, it may take some 15 minutes to get the hang of it,
    but mastering all the models may take some 5 hours of your life, i recommend
    for newcomers to the series to use the easy difficulty setting, if you can stand the heat, go normal.

    Lasting appeal/game modes 8

    It can last very long if you want to unlock everything, find all the data disks, play both Vent and Aile.

    EDIT: there are minigames, donīt know how to unlock them, but if you go to the arcade on area C-2, one of the machines will be on and youīll get to play a soccer minigame for 20 e-cristals, since there are more four
    machines, it may have more minigames.

    Final considerations

    This could be very well considered the best Megaman game ever and it is.
    It is a must have for all the die hard fans and a very good game for the newcomers, one of the best of the DS.
    What more can you ask, anime cutscenes, full voiced dialogues, big game, multiple gameplay styles, it has it all.

    Videos -

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