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    PCSX2 - 100,000 visitors, and more!

    Category: Playstation 2

    Over at we hit our 100,000th unique visitor in just 13 days after the new site design was launched, which seemed the perfect time to spring alittle video and some 'tantalising' news about current 'experimental' progress!

    With 100,000 unique visitors having visited this site in it's short time online (13 days), both myself and Falcon4ever are happy it's gone so smoothly.

    So a video of Makai Kingdom in action has been recorded for you lot to download and enjoy, including audio (speech, music, sound effects).

    So you are thinking woopiee a video, wow, thats shocking... :rolleyes: , well hold that thought, what if I told you that the video only had to be sped up by about 10 FPS to get to 60 FPS, eg; what you see is practically what it's emulated at!

    What?!! near full speed emulation?!! impossible I hear you cry, well I did tell you that zerofrog was re-writing the eeREC and vuREC ;) There's alot to do, as in all honesty many games got broken with bugs during the transition from the old rec, to the new, but he's still not blinking, and he is avoiding sleep, so hopefully more news eventually!

    Enough of that for now, enjoy the video, which you can grab on this page (click the 'DOWNLOAD' image to the right of the details ;) ).

    :: PCSX2 - Official Site
    :: Torrent - Direct link to Makai Kingdom Video

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    Woah! Thats amazing news. Keep it up guys!
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    Congrats, and that's a ****load of a visitors.
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    Great news, now thats a lot of visitors

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