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    NDS review: Cars.

    Now for some new stuff...


    This game is a tie in to an animation flick that is going on theaters,
    it suffers from the same sickness all licensed products suffer and is targeted to an
    younger audeince

    Presentation: 7
    In fact the graphics on this one are very good, the cars are very well made, the world is also nice, all in full 3D.

    I graded it a little harshly because of the cutscenes that are made of still images and text but with an effect to make it look
    like a movie, that trick is as cheap as it gets.

    Music: 5

    The intro song is kinda nice but the rest is some boring, repetitive and forgettable rock and roll music trying to give some 50´s feeling to it.

    Gameplay: 3

    It is a selection of minigames, there are all kinds of it, from a Road Fighter clone to a street light memory game.
    Most of the minigames are plain boring with the touchscreen usage being forced on them, as it aims for kids, it may stick, you you´re grown or you do not watch Barney, pass this one out.

    The DS Factor: 3

    Most of the touchscreen control is forced and unimaginative, there´s no microphone usage, th only thing well done
    are the graphics.

    Lasting appeal: 6

    Being a minigame collection, you may elect your favorites and play them once in a while.

    Final considerations:

    A movie tie in, what else to be said, it is rushed, not very thought out and dull but some of the smaller kids might like it.

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