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    Quick question. I am in a hurry and I don't feel like checking the site. Is Project 64 Freeware? I know nothing about this topic and I have another question. Could I package project 64, other emulators, and roms into a game-type-thing and sell it. I wonder because me and my friend have a great computer game we made and we are going to get into the game selling buisness. If you can understand this question through my slopp[y punctuiuation and many typos, thank sfor helping me,.

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    First question : Yes it is.
    Second question : No. + that would be illegal.
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    you are not allowed to sell pj64.
    you should never distribute any emulators with commercial roms.

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    Selling emulators and roms is the same as selling other peoples work (without even paying for it, because you downloaded the roms yourself, and that's already illegal). Beside that it's definitely lame to sell freeware (like Project64).

    B.t.w, what has this to do with the game you made and you're going to sell?
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