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Man I haven't upgraded in years
That makes 2 of us. This system is over 2 years old. It's an old quad core at 2.6ghz (3ghz pentium equivalent), with only 8gig of RAM and 2 1.5T 10krpm hard disks. Runs Linux just fine (but it is very weird to see a process run 395% in the system monitor). Wine runs what windows aps I want too mostly. Unfortunately as you heard me whine, gnome doesn't seem to handle OGL and a number of things properly. So I am transitioning to Enlightenment which is designed to be light on the system and supports OGL in emulation or in hardware (it appears to detect if the DRI driver is there or not unlike Gnomenuts).

I am looking at an 8 core and 32 gigs with 2 3T hard disks for the next machine. I am concerned about media (namely CD data) and my system. I'm trying to figure out how to be sure I can read my old CD's and my old Game CD's for the playstation.

Now you've reminded me I need to migrate the data from my old windead box to this as well. (SIGH).

I've been lazy dang it.