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    XEBRA 070306 released!

    This is PSX emulator and you only need psx bios to run this. No plugins are needed!

    I am able to run Rayman 2 and Tron Ni Kobun on this emulator without a problem. This emulator can run any bin/cue, nrg, img and maybe more. Also you can use CD DRIVE as well. I am not sure if the speed is perfectly.

    The impressive me the mostly is Tron Ni Kobun -- pSX cannot run this after the end of first stage. This emulator can without a problem. ePSXe can run it with specifically check mark in the config to run this game without a problem even thought I know some of you hate plugins, lol. I highly recommend this emulator without a plugins however bios is required. Of course I cannot tell you where to find psx bios accord to the rules.

    The speed is perfectly.

    Scroll all the way down until you see the two screenshots to download the emulator.

    Please excuse my english.
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