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    pSX v1.0 --- a new psx emulator released!


    pSX emulates the Sony Playstation 1, pretty much everything is emulated
    (to my knowledge) and most games run perfectly.

    One thing that should be noted is that pSX DOES NOT use plugins.
    The emulator is completely self contained.

    The emulator has been designed to be as easy and unobtrusive to use
    as possible - in most cases you will not need to configure anything
    to use it (except maybe the controls).


    Extract all files from the .rar including folders.

    The emulator requires a PS1 BIOS file which should be placed in the
    bios directory. By default the emulator will look for scph1001.bin
    - this version is highly recommend because it is the only well tested
    one although other bioses should work.

    Once the emulator is running you can change the BIOS from the
    configuration menu. In the event that you only have a different bios
    file you can edit psx.ini to get the emulator running (run psx.exe
    once, you will get an error message, now look for psx.ini).

    Running games

    The emulator supports .cue/.bin CD images, the easiest way to run a
    game is to run the exe then select "Insert CD image" from the File
    menu. It is also possible to start a game from the command line:

    psx.exe c:\psxgames\mygame.bin

    Note that you will get best performance running in full-screen mode.
    Press ALT+ENTER to switch between full-screen and windowed.

    cdz images

    pSX supports compressed CD images - these can be created from .cue/.bin
    files using the cdztool.exe util which is provided. To create a .cdz
    file :

    utils\cdztool.exe c:\psxgames\mygame.bin c:\psxgames\mygame.cdz

    You can also convert a cdz back to .cue/.bin by reversing the order of
    the parameters, eg:

    utils\cdztool.exe c:\psxgames\mygame.cdz c:\psxgames\mygame.bin


    The configuration menu is fairly self explanatory. This is a quick
    run through of the various options.


    This tab allows you to set the default paths for state saves, memory
    cards and cd images.


    This tab allows you to set the BIOS image used by the emulator.

    Memory cards

    This tab configures the memory cards inserted into the Playstations
    slots. To create a memory card click ..., navigate to where you want
    the file to be saved, and enter a filename (eg. "mycard").


    Frame skipping - enables/disables frame skipping

    Sleep when idle in windowed mode - when running in windowed mode this
    option causes the emulator to use less CPU time but can result in
    choppier performance.

    Pause when not focused - when enabled the emulator will pause when its
    main window does not have focus (note: sound is always disabled when
    not focused).


    This tab allows you to configure joystick and keyboard mappings for
    the Playstations controllers.

    Note that you MUST configure the gamepad controls if you want to use
    a joystick or gamepad (by default only keys are set up). Also note
    that you must configure the analog axes if you want to use an analog
    controller (eg. dualshock).

    Default controls (for port1) :

    Up Cursor up
    Left Cursor left
    Down Cursor down
    Right Cursor right
    Triangle A
    Square X
    Cross Z
    Circle S
    Start Return
    Select Space
    L1 Left shift
    L2 Left ctrl
    R1 Right shift
    R2 Right ctrl


    From this tab you can configure sound settings.

    Device: set the device used for sound output, in most cases this should
    be set to "Primary Sound Driver"

    Frequency: normally you should leave "Same as emulated machine" checked
    which will cause the emulator to use the same frequency as the PS1. To
    change the output frequency untick the option and select from the combo

    Latency: This option controls how much delay there is in the sound output
    in most cases the default setting will be fine, but if you experience
    dropouts or choppy sound you can try increasing this.

    XA latency: Controls how much delay there is in XA sound output.

    Reverb: Enables/disables reverb emulation.

    Sync sound: When enabled the emulator will try to keep the sound in sync
    with the graphics (this should normally be enabled).

    Interpolate: Enables/disables linear interpolation of sound output -
    takes slightly more CPU power (not much) but reduces aliasing significantly.


    Allows redefinition of various miscellaneous keyboard controls.

    Crash dumps

    If the emulator crashes it will ask if you want to save a crash dump.
    There are two types of crash dump, mini dump and full dump - a dialog
    box will ask you if you want to save a full dump. In most cases you
    will want to say no to this because full dumps can be very large - a
    mini dump is usually enough to debug problems.

    Dump files can be included in a bug report (see email address below).


    Questions or bug reports should be directed to:
    Read above more carefully. Do not complaint to this author at all, understood ? Good!

    BEST OF ALL..NO PLUGIN REQUIRE FOR THIS! You will need PSX BIOS, of course.



    Because he is working on for PC only.
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    I downloaded this last night from another site. The poster was banned and his account deleted though by one of the admins for some reason.

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    sounds a bit too good to be true, although, psx emu is fairly close to perfect anyway before this...

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    Well, it does work, although I'd appreciate it if it would recognize a DT drive as a valid CD drive. It seems that pSX is a lot slower than other PSX emulators too.

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    I just tested Crash Bandicoot 2, its annoying that it only accepts bin/cues, won't accept DT as a valid drive like you said either - converted the mds to bin/cue with alcohol - game boots but i see errors about sectors in the command window and the game locks up at the intro screen, could be a bad image but this doesn't happen in epsxe.

    On a possitive note, this emu seems smoother to me than epsxe, go into options and disable frame skipping.

    Update: Crash bandicoot 3 works, however has a minor depth problem, quite obvious, definitely not smoother in this game.
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    bin/cue no problem but cd drive, I haven't test it yet. I am look into it right now. It is awesome!!!! Thank you Author..wait until the next version!
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    I tried loading castlevania symphony of the night (real ps1 disc) from a real drive and it says something about can't set the sector size or something along those lines... oh well - it DOES run the bios nicely though it seems a bit slow

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    Of course if you didn't already know try command line -2 with a PS2 BIOS

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    I tried to play Duke Nukem a time to kill, with no luck.

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    Just tried this emu with Vagrant Story and the game ran with no problems at all. I'm impressed.

    The speed was great too (ran full speed), I don't see how this is slower than the other emus.

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