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Its that time of week when i give you an update from the PSP Scene, heres the emulators released for the PSP since last i posted:

NeoCD PSP v0.6.1 (NeogeoCD Emulator for PSP)

Zelurker has released 2 very quick updates to the continuation of Yoyofrs original Neogeo CD Emulator for the PSP, heres whats new in both new versions:

Version 0.6.1 : fixes for Fakk2 (!)

Ok Fakk2 found very quickly a bad bug with transparent sprites handling which made lots of sprites to disappear in Art of Fighting 2, and some others, so here is the update.
Also, I made sure the audio is really muted before loading game files (it was creating an annoying noise when loading "Art of Fighting 2" game files, at the begining of the game).
And Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer should work now, it was just an error message which was messing the game screen.

Version 0.6

- fixed the crash in Karnov's revenge when pressing X on the title
- Fixed the freeze of magician lord when you enter your name for a
- Fixed the freeze of 2020 super baseball at start
- The fps counter is now readable (does not blink all the time as before),
and it really displays 60 when it should, and not 61.
- Autoframeskip : in the menu you can choose frameskip: auto. In this mode,
the game skips frames when it has to only. If you display the fps counter
in this mode, it shows the number of frames actually skipped between []
if it has skipped some.
- Finally fixed the disappearing graphics in "Art of fighting"
- Fixed sounds for games with very big samples (art of fighting for example)
- Reverted to the loading picture from neocdsdl, quite better than the
the previous one... !
- Fixed bad music un bust a move and probably some other bad sounds in
some other games by adapting the code for the ym2610 from raine !
- Worked around the crash of Cross Swords 2 : it's caused by an error in
decoding the 3rd track (mp3). But it doesn't make any sense, and even
if the file is re-encoded, I still get the error. I worked around it
by making it a non fatal error, now the track is just ignored. I'll have
to investigate this later...
- When a game tries to load a mp3 and you didn't create a mp3 directory for
it (neocd.mp3) don't display anymore a stupid error message behind the
game screen
- Speedup : use solid masks to avoid transparent sprites
- Removed the 68k & z80 frequencies options from the gui, they would
be ignored because of the new timers. I should add speed hacks one day...
- LOTS of code cleanup

Known problems :
- After launching 3 or 4 games in a row, you loose sound effects !!!