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    NesterDC SE Released!

    It's here people! Scherzo has released the update to one of the most respected emulator's on everyone's favorite 'lil Dreamcast and it is amazing! This emulator fixes many speed and compatability issues and supports channel separation for simulated stereo and surround sound. The menu has also been completely overdone.

    If you choose to download them, this emulator supports scans of game cartridges, boxes, manuals, in-game screenshots, and NSF files (the soundtracks of games for listening, peepolez!) that are all viewable from the game selection menu. No more must we scrool through a huge wad of text to find our games!

    What's REALLY nice is that if you download the program, it seeks out and installs all the bells and whistles automatically so that you don't have to hunt down all of these files on your own! And yes, PAL emulation is supported for all of you that prefer it.

    There ARE still some things that could be improved on, but remember, he had a very tight deadline and didn't want to disappoint all of us with more delays, so visit and download the emulator for yourselves! It's really great and even though it's not confirmed yet, it seems that there might be more releases coming in the future.

    Post your opinions of the emulator here...

    Spreading his inquiries all over the net! <^_^>

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    Yes! Can't wait to try it! For some reason, my comp can't use bin2cdi or whatever though. I'll try it after I reformat my computer.

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