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    Arrow Easy tutorial to playing a rom on Chankast

    First of all, this is small tutorial for people new to chankast/DAEMON so dont read it if you know how to do stuff like that

    1. Download Chankast (
    Google if not trusted.
    2. Download DAEMON (
    this is some random link i found and it is the version i use, so google it if you dont trust it.
    3. Find a rom somehow...

    4. Ok now that we have installed DAEMON(i use
    version 3.47) a little red icon will appear
    at bottom right of the screen. Right click
    that icon and you will see some options, go
    up to the Virtual CD/DVD thingy says
    something like that. ok now assuming that we
    have sometype of rom that was acquired
    LEGALY(ignore any spelling errors please)
    some easy games to work would be "marvel vs.
    capcom 2" so we have the image of this file
    somewhere on our computer

    5. Now if we are using lets say Marvel vs
    capcom 2, then if you were to open the file
    it would probably say something like
    MVC.ccd....I dont know we are using this as
    an example of completely legal roms. so we
    leave that and we go to our "Little Red icon"
    at bottom right of our computer---> right
    click----> Virtual Cd /DVD whatever---> Mount
    image--->Path to the file with the wierd file
    that ends in .--- things----> and then were
    good for right there.
    6. Ok now to get chankast to work....Open the
    Chankast alpha.exe thingy, will be in the
    folder that chankast should be in wherever
    you extracted it to, ok open that u get a
    white screen with some stuff on it now go to
    "Options"--->"Configure drive"---->(This is
    where you left click on your icon once and
    see the letter of drive next to the path
    where your game is for example "Device 1:
    [F:]C:\----------------------the path that
    ends in the games name usually....) ok back
    to select the letter which
    in the example would be "F" ( in the "[]")
    and HAVE FUN

    NOTE: Under options there is a capcom hack
    option, which makes capcom games run faster
    like marvel vs. capcom 2, also during game if
    it is running slow hit the "-" key on your
    number pad to or the "+" key it changes
    numbers that could potentialy help the game
    it is displayed next to "CPU:100" the 100
    will go down or up depending on the plus or
    minus, for my marvel i reduce it to 50 and
    find that it works well on my computer .

    As far as the controls go you are on your own....also if your computer sux really bad that could be a problem why you cant run a game ^^
    IGNORE ALL MY SPELLING MISTAKES...and have a nice day

    You don't have to listen to me, I started yesterday and this is what works for me^^ Good luck

    -Favorite DC game--Power Stone 2

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    Forgot 1 thing

    hehe...My mistake i forgot 1 step in this must somehow obtain a flash.bin and dc_bios.bin which is another thing i can not help with....good luck on your journy..
    You don't have to listen to me, I started yesterday and this is what works for me^^ Good luck

    -Favorite DC game--Power Stone 2

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