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Atari 800 on the PSP, YES PLEASE!
Here's what the author had to say:
This is just a quick and dirty port to the PSP of the very nice Atari 400/800/XL/XE/5200 emulator. It's a work in progress. This port was done by Alysa Habraken (aka Aenea). Thanks to the original authors for creating this.

- default, it's configured for the 5200, place the 5200 rom in /Atari800/Roms
- no rom selector, get a rom, name it rom.a52 and put it in /Atari800/Cartridges
- Start = well, Start
- Select = Select
- Square = Option
- no d-pad support
- analog support
- no sound support
- Cross is fire
- no real menus

In the next version sound and a fully working menu system will be added.

Have fun!
Aenea (Alysa Habraken)

:: Atari800 PSP 0.1

:: Thanks to wraggster for the news:)