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    Lazy Bathroom Break

    [18:39] <Aprentice> i havent used the bathroom in 8 hours, time to stop being lazy..
    [18:40] <Sucide> ...
    [18:40] <Sucide> I never thought of holding it in as lazy...
    [18:41] <SnPHP> sure it is
    [18:41] <SnPHP> when you get to the point where you cant be bothered moving, when you really really need to - thats lazy..
    [18:42] <Sucide> well I kinda figured that just ****ting your pants is lazy
    [18:42] <Sucide> holding it is takes little be of effort
    [18:42] <SnPHP> true, true
    [18:42] <SnPHP> but being lazy doesnt require one to lose all control over themselves
    [18:45] <DrSteveW> wraggster
    [18:45] <DrSteveW> [spam url removed]
    [18:45] <DrSteveW> as I know you were on the lookout for one
    [18:47] <Aprentice> lol Sucide and SnPHP
    [18:47] <Aprentice> so true
    [18:47] <Sucide> haha

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    the laziest i've ever gotten was only 2 hours.. come on people

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    lol when u gotta go, you gotta go, hold it makes u more vulernable to piss yourself

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    Lots of ****ting topics lately
    In the land of the impotent, the man with the one working bollock is king.
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