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    dont waste time on the goldeneye mod

    it wouldnt be wise to waste your time on this mod guys, because I stumbled accross this site about 2 months ago and frankly the screens look amazing. granted its for the hl2 source engine its still amazing and hard to match up to.
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    Do I care ? not at all, why should we stop making a mod for a game just because they are making one for another one? There's a PD mod for HL2 too and I don't give a sh*t.

    sry to reply this but damn, it's not because there's a new game that is out that we need to stop everything on the previous games. And also , it's not everyone that got the game, lack of money or interest in the game. Not everyone also has a bunch of money to buy high-end PCs to play some new games.

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    Well said Knuckles.

    I think Shibb needs to learn himself a bit of common sense + manners

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    Not to mention that Unreal's engine is far more stable (from my experience) plus it has a linux binary and is less demanding in hardware requirements to get decent gameplay keep it up knuckles et al, i look forward to it!

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    How dare you guys not bow to the almighty Shibb !

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