Here it is... but first I will answer some responses since my last post.

olivieryuyu: As you know, I haven't gotten PJ 1.6. As far as I know, only Hydro Thunder was fixed (since I gave zilmar my fix). Though I am not sure if it also fixed Tarzan. If so, then ignore my Tarzan problem as noted in the included readme (yes, I got it working). I also apologize for not remembering what your name is on emutalk. It isn't very easy to remember.

ajax: I am interested in this... but more importantly, I would like to know how the N64 determines if the audio signal is Stereo or Surround. If you go into TWINE, for example, there is an option to set it to Surround. When you do this, the audio format is identical to stereo. It would be nice to find how it really is Surround so we could dynamically switch in game from Stereo to Surround. About your audio fixes/optimizations. I am interested in your ideas and am willing to accept any sources/help/information. I will include them in the next release. Source for this plugin will not be available until I make a "real" release. There is too much mess and commented out code to make it a real release. Once I finalize a release, I remove that code and start from that platform with the next release as opposed to the possibility of falling back on previous work.

I may be interested in some help if I can not get Surround to work on my own. My laptop does not have Surround. Without furthur commentary, here is the release (finally).

All furthur replies for this plugin should be posted at