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    Cool Best Configuration Settings for Dolphin:)

    Hi. I was wondering if you guys could help me (and other people) find the best configuration settings for Dolphin . I think this topic will be useful for all who want to run the Dolphin Teaser and eventually the Dolphin Beta to run as fast as it can with the best quality picture or a mix of both. I am testing the configuration settings that are available to change in the menu. I will, with you help of course, list all the pros and con's of the features that might affect speed and gfx quality for others to use in Dolphin I'm still testing stuff and keep in mind that im using the most recent version of the "unofficial game.ini" so if you contribute you should be using that too. Thanks and I'm looking forward to helping others get a more enjoyable/playable experience out of Dolphin

    PS: Include what hardware (processor and Processor Speed, Video Card) and other relevant information when you suggest settings

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    Well, there isn't much options to play with on Dolphin
    The main thing that would get a better performance is the system itself. unless you overclock but you won't notice any huge differences. The faster you system can be, the faster will run the emu. For the best system possible right now ,it would be: An Althon64 system (mostly with the latest CPU (FX-55 or 4000+)), with that, just wait to get a nforce4 mobo with dual PCI-E x16 (for video cards) and get some dual GeForce 6800 Ultra PCI-E in SLI.

    For the dolphin options, The FB effect is used in SOME games but better to let it off it wil slow down. For the bi-linear filtering it will make most 2D stuff smoother but the speed with decrease. Of course use the Recompiler, it's a bit more buggy but it's way faster. the video interpreter/recompiler don't do any realy difference. for the REF or HAL rendering, REF doesn't work most of the time if you don't have the DX9 sdk, and it's way to slow.

    As you can see, there aren't really a way to "boost" the emu. Better wait or get a kick-ass PC

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    Oh well....(stupid me ) maybe we should save this topic for the beta release.

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    Think of it this way, get Pj64 and run mario64 with Jabos plugin. Turn on RGB emulation. Now you 3.4 Ghz P4 is now running it at a maximum 10 FPS. That should give you some grasp as to how/why the emulator runs slow.

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