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    Quote Originally Posted by wopcicle View Post
    hit the small stack with the frying pan before the fork hits it. The small stack can't jump therefore death by pitch fork.
    I think the OP has already figured it out after three years, don't you? -_-

    ElektroDragon: I hate dying over and over. I don't learn from my mistakes. I couldn't play Dark Souls because of this. I bought the Bloodborne Collector's Edition. Like I said, I don't learn from my mistakes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HostileEagle View Post
    I tend to agree with those that say you may just need to be a bit more persistent and accurate, but who knows for sure. Maybe just one of those whacky things that happen to some. Anyway, for those with haystack issues, I've attached a save state with the smallest haystack obliterated. I've only completed the minimum amount of the game necessary to get to this point. Hope this helps.
    Hi, I was wonder were that save file attatchment is at? I can't find it and I would very much like it

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