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    no sound in satourne v1.1p and blank screen?

    when i load a game in satourne v1.1p i see the bios loading but i don't hear the sounds and when i start radient silver,the screen stay blank or black,what gives? all my plugins are installed and configured,i got my GirGir emu to work fine but i want to try out satourne v1.1p to see if it run better on my system.

    I have my sound plugins installed and configured aswell :0 )
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    I am runing a p4 2ghz 256 megs of ram,had 512 but one of my ram mods died on me :0( 64mb nvidia GeForce mx 440 80gig C: 20gig D:
    samsung dvd rom/cd-r combo drive E: pioneer 105-ao5 dvd-r drive F:
    OS:winxp pro sp1

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