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    tr64 doesn't work, help!!

    I'm trying to use this plungin which is supposed to dumb textures, but it doesn't work. I can get into perfect dark, besides it looking funny it doesn't work at all. And sorta makes no sense. Where are some readmes to this.

    P.s sorry about that post titled "tr64 does" or something like that, hit enter on accident.

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    the video plugin included with TR64 is old and doesn't support really Perfect Dark, same for the emu. What I suggest you is to go download the latest version of the video plugin and use it with 1964 or PJ64. It will work way better.

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    I've got the newest PJ64 with the sp and the newest TR64, but (same as matt) I can't seem to find a readme? It would help A LOT...

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