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    Just a few questions

    Ok firstly,
    I would like to ask how do you actually make a dreamcast image.. as i tried to.. and it only brought up the copyright.txt and that and this ISNT a request for a rom, i own it myself.

    Secondly, you know like for the ePSXe where you can just load up games from cds is this possible with a Dreamcast Emulator, or i was looking at a post and no commercial games. Suppose, we dont have many sega fans if we don't want to make our Sega mate a emulator.

    Adios Amigos

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    1/ you need a broadband adapter for your DC, to connect it to your PC and stream the games off it that way. This is because your PC drive cannot read GD-ROMs, which the Dreamcast uses.

    2/ kinda answered above... you can't read GD-ROMs in your PC so there's no way you can just stick your authentic Dreamcast disc in a PC and run it on an emulator. However, a new Dreamcast emulator has been released, called chanka, that plays commercial games. It can be found at but it will only play cdr copies of Dreamcast games and not authentic discs.

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