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    Question about ATI Rage 128 Pro

    Quick question: On my comp I have a Rage 128 Pro II, 16 meg regular mem and 32 meg texture mem.
    My question is, does this card blow for emulation? I use Jaboo D3D6 1.5 and most of the time it works great, but on games like Paper Mario the sprites will turn a silver/grey color and some of the backgrounds will be white instead of the normal color. If I switch between full screen and window it usually fixes it, but just wanted to know if there is a better GPU I could use or if my card just totally blows chewy chunks?
    I've tried RiceVideo and it makes it worse.

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    Yep, Rage Pro cards are among the worst possible graphics cards money can buy

    Games are often full of glitches with one. With Jabo's plugin, it's below the minimum requirements. The very best option is to upgrade the card to a GeForce 3/Radeon 8500+ which will support everything in Jabo's plugin.

    However, you can salvage a lot of the image quality by using Glide64 and a wrapper (such as eVoodoo or Hacktarux' wrapper) although it will be slower. You can find most of this stuff in the forum's download section and using the search.

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