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Thread: Chip 8

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    Just for documenting Sake:
    We already solved the issue

    The problem was that he was updating the program counter after the switch, this effectively ruined the program counter for Jump instructions as it was moving the program counter more than once per JUMP


    Dont do this
    switch (opcode) {
    case : 0x0
    .case n

    pc += 2; // this will mess your jump instructions and possibly others

    //instead update the counter in their own body

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    I started an Chip8 emulator in VB and it's looking not that bad (no keyboard/sound, but the rest is implemented)
    But tetris has an odd behavior: Instead of moving DOWN my blocks are alternating left to right and the scoring display is f*cked up?!
    See at

    Other games like Pong, Maze etc look ok.

    I read my opcodes atleast twice and they all look ok to me. Any suggestions what might be wrong?

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