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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandle
    That brings back the question I asked in another thread (which was pretty much ignored) - would porting Dolphin to the Mac platform be pretty simple? In theory it should be much faster as the CPU being emulated is quite similar in many ways to the current mac CPUs.
    The question was probably ignored because it is a pretty dumb question
    The whole cpu would need a make over pretty much, so the answer to your question is obviously no.

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    From the Dolphin helpfile:

    "Feel free to donate a couple of G5 workstations for us to develop a DolphinMac on."

    If the sourcecode would be released, some people could go ahead and try - the current Dolphin team probably won't.

    In the end, it wouldn't be easy at all - because Dolphin currently works on DirectX. Someone would have to code an OpenGL plugin.

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