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    Jnes bug and feature request

    When I begin a game of The Chessmaster, pressing A freezes the game! Another emulator (I think FCE Ultra) has this problem also. I also have a feature request. Would you consider adding support for making NES movies? Many of the best emus have this. Nice work on Jnes so far though

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    Hrm, just as I release a new version, in comes a report, darnit ..

    I'll take a look at that game sometime, I hate hangs they are no fun! You might want to try out the new version 0.5.2 with extended vertical blank, that sometimes has a way of doing mystical wonders. Another thing of interest might be checking whether it's a good rom (note to self, put this checking info somewhere hehe)

    NES movies might be cool, I'll play around with it next round.
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