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    Alien save slots mess up

    when games such as mario party 3 use save slots, a lot of weird stuff happen.

    first off creating a save slot in the game works fine and after playing for a while i want to save (not save states but the save function in the game).

    so i save and after returning to the "save slot selection screen", the file i just created copies itself to the other files at the same time erasing the other datas. so now i have 3 copies of a save slot when i only want 1, with all my other datas gone.

    next thing to go weird is after rebooting the rom, every save file is now gone... the only thing i can do is to use state saving options to play, but then i can never actually finish the game.

    oh and one more thing... this problem doesnt occur on pj64, but i wanna keep using nemu as its faster for me and this game.

    i wish to have normal working save slots that dont go weird. any suggestions?
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