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    oh i see

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    Produced a final for my compatibility document (see the URL I posted earlier) (v1.1.0).

    I was not able to test Satourne 1.0.1P as the new SMPC plugin caused the emulator not to run at all, had to take it out the ini just to get the emu to work O_o.

    Some research has given me the following information on ST-V games:

    BAD Dumps / or my sets are incomplete

    Virtual Mahjong II: My Fair Lady
    Tecmo World Cup '98
    Steep Slope Sliders
    Sea Bass Fishing
    Pro Mahjong Extreme S
    Mausuke's Ojama za Warudo
    Hanagumi Taisen Columns: Sakura Wars
    Final Fight Revenge
    Dynamite Deka
    Die Hard Arcade
    Cotton 2
    Astra Super Stars

    NOT Dumped (to my knowledge)

    Aroma Club
    Batman Forever
    Movie Club
    Name Club
    NBA Action
    Sport Fishing
    Sport Fishing 2

    Special Notes

    Sport Fishing 1/2 used the ST-V mobo with a SCSI2 controller, with a 4x or 2x cd-rom that contained a 650 MB mpg (hence why I assume they are not dumped ATM)

    Beta Tester for PCSX2 | ZeroGS KOSMOS | Satourne | nullDC | Dolphin | Misc Projects
    AMD64 X2 4400+ 939 1MB L2 @ 2.32GHz | GeForce 8800 GTX 768: 575/1800 | 1GB RAM

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