View Full Version : JNes - TV problems?

November 30th, 2002, 01:14
I was running JNES on my TV through my TV out, and noticed that the picture wasn't quite stable. Maybe my TV can't handle that resolution.. or is it JNES? I tried another Nes emu (Nesticle) that ran fine, but it was really low res, and it wasn't really enjoyable.

November 30th, 2002, 18:35
Wonder what color depth and resolution you were using, nesticle probably uses 8bit

November 30th, 2002, 23:02
It mainly depends on your gfx card as well. The geforce2 as i know it, could output up to 800x600 at most. Although the newer geforce could output 1024x768

December 1st, 2002, 00:31
well TV's afaik can only go to 800x600.. i was using 16bit colour depth btw.

December 2nd, 2002, 14:10
That's true. I know, however, that the output with the newer g-force cards did output into 1024x768 at the tv without problems.