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November 23rd, 2002, 16:54
I was wondering what the best way to make codes for pj64 is?

I know it uses Gameshark/Action Replay codes, so I tried making a music modifier for Majora's mask. You can't make codes for Majora's Mask with a Gameshark/Action repaly because it uses the expansion pak. What I've done is used a program called Save State Cracker on several pj save states and come up with the following:


What i want to know is if I want to make it work do I simply add an 8 to the beginning like this:


Or do I need to use some conversion program that converts it into an Action Replay code?

Is there an easier way to hack codes for Majora's Mask than using Save State Cracker????

November 24th, 2002, 07:19
1st welcome to pj64cheats (the place for these questions)

2nd I personally am not a fan of these So Called Save State cheat finders.

the main reason being, is it has given you a false hope.

that adress you have there isnt a Valid cheat at all !!

you can try putting a 8-bit Activator on it = 80
you can try putting a 16-Bit Acivator on it = 81

you can move the adress end digit up Or down 2 of 3 & still will end up with no result.

if you do want to try to make a cheat while playing Pj64 im afraid you will have to use a external way while running live.

may i suggest Artmoney (http://www.artmoney.ru/) to you ? :)

Just go to downloads section.

I am not saying you are going to be able to make & add it to the file, but it will let you search & use externally most of the time to enable & use while playing & even save to its own file for further use.

November 24th, 2002, 12:17
I'll try the ArtMoney program. It looks like you can search for a known value with it, and I manager to find out the value of some of the soundtracks from MM.

I figured out that a Gameshark version of a code is in a different place than when you use a hex editor to look at a save state. All you have to do is find the difference between the two and minus them from each other. You then get a number thats the difference between the two codes. This number varies from game to game.

I'll post the Music Mod for MM here if I find it.

November 25th, 2002, 01:00
I've used artmoney to find some codes and have done it. It is a very powerful tool. It can search for known values as well as unknown. Remember, though, that searching for unknown takes time! Perhaps i can fill you in if you need help using it.

November 27th, 2002, 09:41
I used the ArtMoney program and managed to make a music modifier for Majoras Mask. (By doing a known value search on the values I got from the Save State Cracker search I did).

The problem is that I can't turn it into an Action Replay code.

I'm sure I read somewhere about a program that turns codes into Gameshark codes or something...