View Full Version : .50 Beta 2 Cheats Problem

November 21st, 2002, 19:48
I'm using the most recent version of Jnes and i'm having problem with the Cheats option on some games. On some games i can add cheats and they work. They are saved in the .cht file and all is well. But on other games, Punisher for example, i type the code in, press add, enable (or leave disabled), and close the cheats window and nothing happens. I go back to the cheats window and it is empty. No codes saved in .cht. No memory of any cheats being added. I have over 600 NES roms, and this happens to a LOT of them. Here are my System Specs if this will help:
Win 98 SE
PIII 450 Mhz
96 MB Ram
Nvidia Vanta
32 bit color
Zip drive flap broken off due to excessive kicking :D
Thanks a lot

November 21st, 2002, 22:20
have a look through the cheat file for cheats already in there you dont want or will be using & remove them.

you are on 98/SE which means there is a limit.

remove & replace.

you can either do this by opening the .cht file in a text editor
or loading a Game & then deleting from the cheat menu.

November 25th, 2002, 01:29
Yeah, now it's working fine. Thanks a lot. If this problem can be fixed in future versions of Jnes, meaning that it can support more cheats in Win 98/SE, then it should be taken into consideration. If it is a windows thing, then oh well, i'll have to live with it or upgrade to XP.