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November 7th, 2002, 05:22
Sorry if i posted in the wrong fourm but i am new. The only thing i want to do is play the 3d zelda on 64, and resident evil 3 on psx what do i need to play them. the only emulator i have ever had was a nintendo and had like 2 games. Sorry for sounding stupid if i do but i have been searching for 3 days now and cant find out what i need

November 7th, 2002, 06:21
Since it's zelda, you can use UHLE. But, if you have a fast pc (550mhz-1GHz) you can use 1964 or pj64 (1964 is much faster due to schibo & rice's leet dynarec core :cool:)


http://www.pj64.net (pj64)
http://www.thecpy.com (Suhle)
http://www.1964emu.com (1964)
http://www.emulation64.com (plugins)
http://www.smiff.clara.net (General help with general issues, etc)

Now, you'll need the rom which we can not provide. Alot of times you can find them on IRC, but i can't say where exactly, as this is copyrighted material and use of it in rom form is illegal.

If your 3d accel is not a geforce or a radeon, you should use glide64+evoodoo.

http://www.emuxhaven.net/~glide64/ (glide64)
http://www.evoodoo.emulation64.com (evoodoo)

Now, if you're going to use glide64+evoodoo, you should put evoodoo in your system directory (e.g. for Xp, 2k, C:/windows/system32. For 98, 95, C:/windows/System)

Once it's all setup, go to start>run>econtrol. Configure it without fast alternate Zbuffer. It can cause some clipping issues.

If your hardware is a geforce/radeon, then you're fine. Just use the plugins supplied (you'll need to download pj64 1.5 to get the plugins, even if you're going to use 1964) But keep in mind jabo's Dsound 1.5 will not work with 1964. Good luck. :)

November 7th, 2002, 06:30
Thanks alot for the help:D i dont have any 3d accel. jus what came wit the comp. what is irc?? if u dont mind me asking

November 7th, 2002, 06:42
You sure you don't have a 3d accelerator card? Go to the my computer icon, right click, hit properties (assuming you use winxp?) go to hardware, go to device manager, go to display adapters. Tell me what it says. (btw, the 3d accelerator isn't a paripheral you buy sepirate, alot of pcs now come with them)

IRC? --> http://www.mirc.com

November 7th, 2002, 06:49
it says nvidia riva 128/128zx which emu. should i use?? again Thanks for ur help

November 7th, 2002, 08:17
Use 1964 with glide64 and evoodoo. :)

April 30th, 2006, 19:37
i get that problem where it says
(Direct3D failed to initialize your HAL device. Make sure you have a properly configured 3D graphics card compatible with Direct3D 6.0)
I read the Troubleshooting manual and it asked...
"Do you have a hardware 3D accelerator?"
im not sure if i have it.

how do i find out if i have a hardware 3D accelerator?
and if i dont how can i get one?