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December 17th, 2001, 10:21
great idea guys/gals
i'll try to add regularly
This screenshot was taken on NEMU
YA!! :nemu:

December 20th, 2001, 05:38
this wuz taken in nemu
It's california speed.

December 20th, 2001, 06:00
hydro thunder !!!
runnin on Nemu

December 20th, 2001, 06:28
Dude! How did you get california speed to run?

I've tried it on 4 diff comps, 2 diff roms. On a Athlon 1.2 + geforce 2, on a duron 700 with radeon 8500, on a cel 400 with tnt2u 32mb, and on a P3 8000.

Rom checks out in GoodN64, California Speed (U) [!].v64. Dunno about the other rom because it was at a friends house.

Always gives me this:

December 20th, 2001, 07:08
Acorn i think your desktop has to be in 32bit for it to work...

Rush 2 : xtreme racing
Jabo 1.3 (sound,video,input)

December 20th, 2001, 07:44
Automobili Lamborghini

on 1964(latest verion) using jabo 1.3(sound,input,vid)

December 20th, 2001, 08:17

on 1964 0.7.1
using jabo sound,vid,input

December 20th, 2001, 08:43
Oy, my desktop is always in 32 bit, on my Athlon 1.2ghz at least.

I've tried with new combine/tv aspect on and off, tried with sound on and dummy mode (though its a "Video Plugin Error" so I'm assuming its not sound).

Sometimes GoodN64 mis-thinks that roms are good when there is something wrong in them, I'm assuming thats what it is since I tested it on such varied systems. Btw, cool screenshots, as always =)

December 20th, 2001, 12:49
Thx for da nice comments Acorn!! I really don't know what is causin that error
anyway DK64
Jabo sound,vid,input
(by request )

December 20th, 2001, 13:12
A screenie of Crusin USA on 1964 0.7.1 using Jabo sound,vid,input

December 20th, 2001, 13:35
Crusin World
Jabo sound,vid,inout
1964 0.7.1

December 20th, 2001, 13:59
Wave Race
runnin on 1964 0.7.1
Jabo sound,vid,inout

December 20th, 2001, 17:16
hey dillyalex how got you DK64 to work?wht emu and what settings?

December 20th, 2001, 18:05
and how did u get 1964 to run with jabo sound?

December 21st, 2001, 02:32
hey dillyalex how got you DK64 to work?wht emu and what settings?
You just have to disable te intro in the game menu. Problem: the camera "jumps" in the game, in any emulator.