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October 31st, 2002, 22:16
Hey It would be nice if when you click on expand all when viewing attachments only that it would expand just the post with attatchments and not all the post.


the view attachments doesn't seem to work at the moment.

I hope this is a temp thing.



October 31st, 2002, 23:22
That it is not working is because I upgrade to vBulletin v2.2.8 and all hacks stopped working, I'll try to get all old hacks applied again.

Not sure about that request of yours, I'll look into it. :)

Edit: Hack applied, attachment feature back to normal :D

November 1st, 2002, 17:09
please apply the quick response one and the go to the first unread message too

i miss them very much

November 1st, 2002, 20:34
The quick reply box will not be added, it caused too much spam.

Go to the first unread message? That's not a hack. :D

November 2nd, 2002, 06:14
martin seriously....

the quick response does little to avoid spam, but it does detriment 56kers seriously.

but u is the boss, so whatever.


November 2nd, 2002, 22:40
I suggest as a nice hack text < 8 words in the body should be refused to be posted, this will significantly reduce spam. :)

It's nothing personal, I just don't recall ever posting anything with less than 10 words in it my entire time here, each message ocupies space and one word posts seem to create a lot of spam.

This would also reduces the 'bump' syndrom too of trying to keep a message at the top of the forum.

On a thread I'm subscribed to I don't want to wade through ten posts of "that sucks" and "huh what's the deal?" ;)

As for quick response.. I don't know if I've used that feature or NOT! (LOL!)

Perhaps as a suggestion to the author of Vbulletin you could ask him to allow "plugin" features so you don't have to reapply hacks all the time to add features.