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Hungry J
December 16th, 2001, 18:19
Hi all,

When I go to play any roms, my sound is really choppy. I've tried messing around with the sound buffer, but it doens't help much. Can someone help me out? By the way, I am running a PII 350, 32mb nVIDIA TNT2 card and my sound card is an onboard (my mother board is a SiS 530).


December 16th, 2001, 18:23
dude! look at your specs! thats your problem.
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December 16th, 2001, 18:26
Your PC is below minimum specs, so pj64 cannot product perfect sound. For perfect sound a game should run between 50 to 60 fps.

Hungry J
December 16th, 2001, 18:26
Hm. I was hoping N64 games would work on my PC as something like Quake 3 does, but I guess the N64 game coding isn't optimized for PCs. How much good would it do if I got more RAM? Like a 256mb chip?

December 16th, 2001, 18:29
I have 256MB Ram runs great but I think you should buy a faster computer,too(only a little idea I think 1GH'z)but like I said 256MB Ram are enough

December 16th, 2001, 18:29
it might help if you buy a sound card, that is if you have an extra PCI slot you can spar.
i recomend them new sound blaster audigy's. there sweet

December 16th, 2001, 20:12
Sound card isn't going to effect how skippy the shound is one tiny bit : / I'm using on-board sound also - and the only down is the quality. More RAM always helps - but in this case it won't stop your sound from skipping.

What you need - is a new CPU, at least 700mhz to play at full speed. Maybe get a new motherboard and new ddr ram, and a 1ghz+ cpu, and a new sound card =))

But seriously, your CPU is whats causing your slowdown, the tnt2 is perfect for emus. As long as you have 32 or 64mb of ram thats ok.

Hungry J
December 17th, 2001, 23:17
Well thanks for the help everyone. I'm afraid I don't have the money to upgrade right now. Oh well. At sometime I will have a really fast computer.

-Hungry J

December 17th, 2001, 23:32
well when you do .aim a little higher than 700mhz because that really is borderline minimum spec and you will still get choppy sound