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October 14th, 2002, 22:10
I know that the moderators of this site are under intense pressure not to allow any sites containing commercial ROMS to be mentioned here, but I was just browsing to the forums of ArcadeAtHome and SNES9X and there you could post ROM sites and trade ROMS without restriction. I want to ask why this strictness with ROMS here then, when other well known forums do not apply this rule? I'm not implying that you should change your agreed decisions on this issue but I feel confused.

October 14th, 2002, 22:17
#1: This server is run by a group of individuals, down to the very hardware. Its very easy to shut down these types of servers if they are found to contain roms/or even rom links.

#2: The general populace which seeks roms is the 1337 hax0r (wannabe) crowd which we like to keep as far away from as humanly possible... We all suffered from this crowd in earlier emulation days, so now they are alienated.

#3: ArcadeAtHome is probably not a good site to compair anything too.... Somewhere around here we have a list of "bad" things whatshisname on that site has done to/for/with the emu community.

#4: Relating to #2, rom requests, even in good nature, clutter. Besides, it is sooo easy to find roms, if you take a simple look at the tools avalible to you, but soo hard to find a good emulation community. We like to provide the community.

#5: The authors post here. Lots of rom requests to authors of emu's really makes for bad emu progression, as we have seen over and over again.

Thx for not flaming on this issue.

October 15th, 2002, 00:08
1. IT IS ILLEGAL! Period.

October 15th, 2002, 03:03
Yup, thats the basics of it. #1 is the most prominent reason. The owners of the forum here are not interested in getting all the flak and threats from Nintendo, (and a few others). The fact that they are illegal makes them open to this type of stuff. If we leave illegal stuff off the forum, we dont have to worry about it.

October 15th, 2002, 19:27
Yeah, all of the reasons above, plus this one:

It attracts morons! :D ;) :devil:

Seriously, it's not legal and we at Emu64 don't want to be put in connection with any illegal activity...:sly:

October 15th, 2002, 20:26
That would be #2 gorxon, but insulting them like that only makes them post here even when we can't offen them roms ;)