View Full Version : MegaMax X2 emulation?

Royal Fool
October 12th, 2002, 23:29
It's been a while since I've used SNES emulators, but the last time I was using ZSNES (Version 1.10 or something :!!!: ), MegaMan X2 emulation wasn't a possibility. I just wanted to know if it's possible now at days? Any tweaks needed?

October 12th, 2002, 23:52
It's certainly possible to run Megaman X2/3 without special fixes in ZSNES and SNES 9x. There are two bugs, Serges doesn't look right when using a certain attack and a bridge (in the background) is missing. These are faults in the C4 emulation, no one plans to fix them since zsKnight did most of the work and her left.

What puzzles me is that you say that it was impossible in the last version you used (version 1.10) but C4 implementation was implemented in version 1.00 (see here (http://www.zsnes.com/changelog5.php)). SNES 9x got C4 emulation hacked in at version 1.33 with a fix to make it work on Rockman X2/3 (the Japanese versions) in version 1.33a.

Royal Fool
October 13th, 2002, 01:57
Hmm, looks like you're right about the C4 emulation in 1.00. But I never got it to work, anyway... even by tweaking.

I am using 1.36, but when I start the game I manage to get the copyright notice and the Capcom logo, but after that it just stalls at a black screen. :sleepy:

October 13th, 2002, 02:47
Sounds to me like a bad dump. Did you get the PAL version? Because only the NTSC versions have been properly dumped.