View Full Version : Controller mapping compatibility

October 12th, 2002, 03:19
I'm using the Hammerhead FX by Interact...

I love your emulator.. works great for all games.. more than Nestron... I've had no issues with it.. and I'm ready to make the switch over...

...however... It won't let me bind any keys to 8 pad directional POV.... I have 2 thumb thingies... but that 8 directional pad... it's as if it doesn't even care about it.

In Nestron I'm able to use them easy.. however, Nestron doesn't seem to want to save my button configuration the next time I execute it.

Could you tell me how to fix it with Jnes, so I won't need any other emulator - or could you patch that?
What's the reason for it not detecting it?


October 14th, 2002, 19:33
A point well made, I recently purchased a new gamepad as well and had this problem, I believe it's implemented in the new version so waiting for that would work ... but in the mean time on my game pad there is a "switch" feature where it will swap the axes (ie, it makes the POV an analog stick and the PAD the normal D-PAD) not sure if you have this feature in software or hardware, but it would help in the mean time