View Full Version : Zelda 2: Majora's Mask Unhandled Ri4300 OpCode

September 21st, 2002, 02:39
First of guys, just want to say, an excellent emulator..well done!! :pj64:

I've been playing Zelda 2: Majora's Mask (USA Version) and have encountered an error.

Unhandled Ri4300: OpCode at: F01F98A0
Unknown 00 0F 00 0E
Stop Emulation

FILE NAME (also good name): Legend of Zelda 2, The - Majora's Mask (U) [!].v64

Catridge ID: ZS

CRC1: 0x5354631C
CRC2: 0x02A1DDF0

CIC Chip: CIC-NUS-6105

As far as i'm aware the ROM is good...i've checked it with GoodN64.

The error occurs everytime (without fail) when i try to use the song of soaring. It crashes while the owl map screen is spinning up and the Ri4300 CPU% drops to 5%, 0% for the others and 95% Idle (obviously).

System specs:
OS: Windows 2000 Pro SP1
RAM: 128M (yes i need more)
CPU: PIII 933Mhz
Video: 32M TNT2 AGP (Detonator Drivers)
DirectX: 8.1
Sound: Really bad onboard VIA stuff which makes my speakers staticy (specially on high CPU usage)
HD: 30G 7200 rpm

I think thats all you guys needed...can't give u a screen shot cos i'm lazy...but if u really want one let me know.

In the meantime might try out the Euro version....*cringes at the download wait on 56K*...damn australia's lack of technology.

September 21st, 2002, 02:42
change the self modifying code to something else like check memory & cache or protect memory.

September 21st, 2002, 02:47
Yeah i just did that after reading another post...fixed the problem.

Cheers Mate.