View Full Version : New TR64 OGL 0.7.1beta!!!!!!!!

September 19th, 2002, 16:07
As quoted in tr64 page:
"Here is the version 0.7.1beta of my plugin. This release has improved texture loading. Most noticeable in game that use paletted textures like Star Fox and NBA Hangtime. Also I have improved the support for Perfect Dark. There are still some issues with Perfect Dark. If someone would be so kind as to send me a screen shot of the spy cam, I would like to see it. I don't have the time to play the game to that point. Also I have switched over to Sick Deal's web page design."

September 19th, 2002, 16:22
please use this link:

September 19th, 2002, 16:24
I know, but... Is this not a plugin messageboard? People that don't look at tr64 messageboard wont' know about it.

September 19th, 2002, 19:44
Afaik, then they sue themselves (:P)

September 19th, 2002, 19:53
They will...
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